Sunday, 5 June 2011

Big Pain, Big Thanks

The Pieman and Piester In Law completed the Wirral Coastal Walk (15 miles) at the end of May to raise funds for the Countess Of Chester Kisiizi Hospital Uganda Appeal. The walk starts at Secombe ferry, Birkenhead and follows the coast around the Wirral peninsula ending up at Thursaston Country Park.

The conditions when we started were quite pleasant and most agreeable. However this changed as soon as we turned the corner at New Brighton and with no protection were battered by head on winds for the next 9 miles or so.

Fortunately the predicted rain stayed away apart from a few spots. The walk itself took nearly six hours from start to finish allowing for one toilet break and a lunch break for about half and hour. It was quite sunny at times but the wind was very strong and noisy. The finish was very welcome with very sore feet in evidence. The Pieman was concentrating that hard he forgot to eat his pie which he carried the whole way round, with a fork in anticipation.

A very very big thank you to all our generous sponsors who's gifts definitely made one pie muncher determined to complete come what may!!

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