Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tribal Gathering

Following from our travels down south the Pie tribe went down to the sunny Black Country to meet up with the Viking and Tipton tribes for the first time in a while. First though we stopped off for a visit to see "Doris" the Cadbury cow in Bournville. Much rejoicing from the female members of the Pie Tribe!

Saturday evening saw a fanatstic tribal feast combining Indian and chinese foods. Chat, liquid refreshment, guitar playing, old photos (!!!!) and laughter were the order of the evening. What an excellent time.

Sunday saw the gathering head en masse to the Country & Western festival in Stourport. The Dad Police unfortunately stepped in to ensure that certain members of our party did not join in the massed line dancing taking place.

Everybody chilled with the sun breaking through and the rain staying off long enough to enjoy the fair, town, river, canals, festival, ice cream, floral gums, walking, go karts, pinball, singing, dancing (nearly) ....... and each others company.

Many thanks to our hosts the Tipton Tribe and can't wait to do it again.
PS. P Villa were lucky

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