Saturday, 4 September 2010

Square Pork Pie

Early August saw the Pie Tribe to Kent for a holiday and the search of Pie. An excellent week was kicked off by a visit to brother Kenny in sunny Bromley for a swim and excellent barbecue.Various trips around the county kept us busy and amused. Particularly interesting and worthwhile was our trip to Chartwell (Winston Churchills home) which led us on to the lovely Tonbridge Wells for walks, books and Pie.An otherwise damp day just kept getting better and better.

Well noticed by the younger members of the Pie Tribe was  the "Peter Speight" delicatessen in Chapel Place serving an array of worthwhile tasty looking pastries. We chose their own square Pork Pie. The owner seemed a little indignant when asked if they made them themselves !! A lot don't. As to the pie itself it was very good, a little on the dry side but still very edible - 7/10. The shop would be well worth a visit.

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