Saturday, 6 February 2010

Simply Pie

Mr and Mrs Pieman were wandering around Whitchurch today killing some  time and came across the small but interesting Farmers Market. In a year when the Pieman has abstained from all things pastry, temptation got the better. A Beef & Ale and a Chicken & Leek were quickly purchased from the "Simply Pie" company.

Based in Whitchurch their Pies are now appearing in various shops and markets in the South Cheshire and North Shropshire areas. They also produce gluten free pies and pastry.

The Beef and Ale was excellent and uses Stout from the Woodlands Brewery in Nantwich. The pastry was particularly light and moist. So light that it broke in the oven. So make sure you warm it up/cook it, in its tin!! Mrs Pieman was equally taken with her selection of Chicken and Leek.

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