Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Martin Mere


The Pie tribe headed for Lancashire today and the Martin Mere Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre not far from Burscough. What an excellent place absolutely fascinating with lots to see and do (if you want).

They have huge areas of mature and developing natural wetlands areas with lots of different hides to sit comfortably from and watch. There is plenty of information and very helpful volunteers keen to pass on information at the drop a hat.

As well as the natural areas there are the sympathetic man made areas around the centre which take you around the world with Wildfowl from many continents in themed areas. The fowl are fairly chilled and easily approachable particularly when armed with food ( not bread and definitely not Pie).

As well the wildfowl they also have some Beavers and Otters. With various talks and feeding sessions you won't get bored. We particularly enjoyed the Swan hides which overlook the mere where many many Whooper Swans congregate and others. 

At approx 3.00pm one of the staff comes along with an overflowing barrow of seed which sends the gathered throng into action. From a amiable peacful existence to bite your head feeding frenzy with many arrivals landing on top of the gathered mass without a care in the world like the Pieman at the doorway of a decent Pie emporium. We look forward to going again perhaps in the summer.

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