Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gathering 17 - Electric Night

The second night of the Gathering in Llandudno and this time the Dog was left at home as the Dragonslayer drove on this occasion. We arrived and parked easily out front timing our arrival to coincide with the lights going down and a countdown to the band coming on stage.

The only downside to this was missing the superb Dave Sharp in support. But with three and a quarter hours of concert to go we needed to pace our selves.

The Band and Mr Peters were in excellent form throughout the night even with a few Guitar gremlins for the main man. A fairly eclectic mix was offered up with it seemed a particular empathise on Alarm v2 songs, certainly at the start. As ever the set list contain some surprises and plenty of favourites.

The band were joined on stage by Mr Sharp at the end to help finish off a brilliant night marred only by the fact that the Pieman had forgotten his house keys in the excitement and couldn't wake anyone up at home !!!

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Caro said...

And the Pieman was so desperate,he texted sis in law, who was too busy on the French Ski slopes!!!!!!!!!! Bit too far to come to the rescue with the spare keys, sorry mate...