Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gathering 17 - Acoustic Night

Second gig of the year came in the form of the Acoustic night of the Alarm Gathering 17 weekend. The Pieman and Ashman headed for Llandudno giving the Dog a good run with no problems. The venue once again was the North Wales Conference and Theater Centre right on the front.

This year again the room was set in the round with about twenty rows of chairs emanating from a small stage. We settled in to a standing spot by the main stage with a good view. The sound quality this year seemed excellent to the Piemans ears and the whole evening seemed a little bit more relaxed than on some other occasions.

The set list was a nice surprise with a good mix of favourites old and new with some not heard for a long time. Mike Peters actually sat down for a while and there was a good bit of chat explaining the situations in which some songs were written or were inspired by. All in all a great evening of the usual excellent standard.

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