Tuesday, 29 July 2008

K9 & the Tall Ships 2008

The Pie Tribe minus Mrs But Including the Piester In Law headed for Liverpool Docks to see the Tall Ships Race.

Going by train and taxi we headed for the Seacombe ferry terminal in Wallasey and the Spaceport/Dr Who exhibition. An excellent exhibition both the space bit and particularly the Dr Who part.
From here it was into the cafe for the most anemic pathetic pastry offering experienced by the Pie Tribe in a long while. So much so it was nameless in origin!

Then it was onto the ferry a quick call at Woodside and across the Mersey to Pier Head. Although the predicted bad weather didn't arrive during our visit a racing tide and strong breeze resulted in a bumpy crossing.

Once ashore at Pier Head the place was heaving with the dock road closed and Canning/Albert Dock area absolutely jammed with people. It was'nt easy to see the boats but there were a few things going, music and street entertainers.

From here the Pie girls were keen to head into town and sample some shopping for clothes but not Pies unfortunately. They also started finding the Superlambananas and kept wanting to find more.

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