Sunday, 4 November 2007

Fish & Chips

Saturday night is Chip night in the Pie household. Usually our choice of chippy is the the incomparable Sea Breeze on Chrisleton Road. If it's good enough for Neville Southall it's good enough for anyone.

However to celebrate the end of half term we headed for Blackpool. The journey was straightforward although parking was a nightmare as we've never seen Blackpool so busy.

The promenade was heaving with far too many hawkers selling junk. Eventually we could walk no more and entered a suitable Fish & Chip emporium. Obviously it could not compare to a Sea Breeze offering but was acceptable nonetheless.

It was then onto Central Pier for a go on the fair before indulging in some extremely hot doughnuts. Heading back to the car the rain came down and the sights came out!!!!! Both wonderful and awful in equal measures Blackpool is always great place to go to and leave.

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