Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Big Yin

It's a while since the last note. During September accompanied by the dragonslayer and respective spouses we headed for Liverpool Philarmonic Hall to see the wonderful Mr Billy Connolly.

The Last time the Pieman had been to this venue was to see Cliff Richard!! It took a bit of finding including driving the wrong way up a way one way street. However we arrived safely and found a parking spot literally yeards from the front door. This was convenient as Jake dragonslayer was suffering badly recovering from a foot operation.

The man himself was on fine form and even came back on stage to give us the England and SCotland results. A great evening and a pretty good venue.


Dragonslayer said...

The dragonslayer and Jake don't remember the one way street incident, but who cares as a fine timme was had by all!

Dragonslayer said...

Also nice to see the Pieman has managed to get the family pie off the PC so he can update his blog.

Pieman said...

Mrs Pieman has refreshed the Pieman's memory and we definitely went up a street the wrong way. The flashing lights , beeping and incredulous looks gave the game away along with the round red sign with the white stripe through it!!!!!