Thursday, 2 July 2015

Great North Pie Co: Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot

Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot
The second up of our Great North Company pies is the Beetroot, White Cheshire & Apricot consisting of White Cheshire cheese, beetroot marinated in carrot and apricot chutney by Galore! Beetroot cream, dried apricot, caraway and oregano. 

When you cut into this pie you are immediately struck by the colour and the beetroot which produces this is not too everyones liking. The younger members of the Pie tribe were not taken with either the Beetroot or the apricot elements. 

The older piemunchers were drawn in by the combination of these two ingredients. Cheshire Cheese is the best in the world but within a Pie context it could become a little too dry for some palates. However both the beetroot and apricot chutney give it some moisture and a sweet contrast to the strong tasting Cheshire cheese.

Definitely a split vote on this resulting in a collective but slightly unfair 8/10.

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