Friday, 4 July 2014

Anchored In Worthing: Piefest South

Not Mrs Miggins, but the lovely Debs with Pie
Georgio and I last weekend enjoyed the delights of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We stayed in Worthing about 20 miles away. On our last visit to Sussex we found the delightful Anchored in Worthing, our first micropub and run by the bewhiskered genial host Nigel. Small in size but big on hospitality.

So just before we set off some new pies were purchased from S J Bebbington Butchers, for lunch and also to introduce to Nigel/customers at the Anchored in Worthing

So we had the very new creation, Cheshire Cheese Spring Onion & Chives Pie which was delicious and well received (9/10). The other offering from Bebbingtons was the Pork Pie with jelly. Is there any other? The fact that it stated Jelly with it was slight different to give it a try. Now as with all Bebbingtons tasted so far the meat is of very high quality and the pastry is good. Not too thick and moist. I personally was just a tad disappointed with the jelly content as my anticipation levels were high, hoping it would be oozing with jelly but not so (8/10). However it is still a very good pie and better than the majority. 

Nigel MicroPub Master @Anchored in Worthing
We had arrived in Worthing pretty tired and a bit later than expected but the welcome was fantastic. Nigel and partner Debs had arranged for a fresh delivery of their own favourites from a local bakery/cafe "The Pantry Bakery" in Worthing. Handmade and fresh what a joy. So as well as the two types we had brought we had a huge sausage roll (9/10), a Chicken Wild Mushroom & Tarragon Pie (8.5) and finally  a Lamb Carrot and Thyme pie (8.75/10) to taste.  

Add to this Nigel's current menu of locally sourced beers and ciders.....OH HAPPY DAYS !! We fell in love with the Black Pig Orchards, Perry Cider. Big thanks to Nigel, Debs, regulars and irregulars for some great evenings. Pie, chat, impressions and laughter with no TV, jukebox, bandits or louts !!

Cheshire Cheese Spring Onion & Chive Pie and Pork Pie with Jelly


S J Bebbington said...

Apologies for the lack of Jelly. We too love a good amount. Trouble is that It's sometimes difficult to get much in because the lean meat does not shrink much when cooking.

Thanks as always for the review :)

plasterer bristol said...

Yummy, i've not had this pie for ages, thanks for sharing...