Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Between A Rock and a Hard Plaice"

Resting up before a performance by Idreamofpies
Resting up before a performance, a photo by Idreamofpies on Flickr.

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Great Escapes TV Presenter, Diver and Marine Biologist , Monty Halls. 

The evening consisted of Monty trawling through his career so far, what inspired him and how he got to do what he does now. He would then go on to speak about the individual series in some further detail emphasising the teams who produce such captivating results. He also gave attention to some of the many characters he met on the way.

His presentation is liberally sprinkled with  some fantastic images and video clips of past and  present work. He is enthusiastic , informative, provoking and captivating in equal measures. There is an interval of about twenty minutes after which a shorter half is ended by a short question and answer session.The time has flown by but he has been talking for nearly 3 hours !!!

However the star of the show is a four legged, webbed, big eared, black coated newfoundland/german shepherd heinz who is massive and has the best temperament of any hound dog I've come across. Reubens is the star.

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