Sunday, 6 November 2011

Toumani Diabate/Revere/ St Georges Hall

Mr and Mrs Pieman went to see Toumani Diabate at the St Georges Concert Hall in Liverpool. What a delight, a beautiful setting to hear some beautiful music from Grammy award winning Toumani Diabate from Mali. He plays a 21 stringed bridged harp instrument called a Kora and is sometimes described as the Malian Jimi Hendrix.

The sound he produces is amazing. He plays a bass line, a melody and improvises over the top of that, all at the same time using only the thumb and index finger of each hand.

A couple of tunes we knew but the rest was new and fascinating. The delightful St Georges Concert Hall was the perfect backdrop with its chandeliers, statues, ornate carving and gold paint.
Supporting him were an excellent band called Revere who played an acoustic set (3 Strings and one guitar mixed with a Harp, keyboard etc ...) with four of them instead of the usual electric version of the band which has 7 members normally.

Described by the Sunday Times as being able to "Genuinely take your breath away" in a live setting I was intrigued to hear them play. They were very very good and we would love to hear more certainly in an acoustic setting. I was instantly taken by the captivating They Always Knock Twice with it's haunting twisting melody.

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