Sunday, 31 July 2011

Commodus Gets His Comeuppance

What did a roman legionary think of his posting to Britannia, 2000 years ago standing on the walls of old Deva hoping for a good night out down at the amphitheatre when he got off duty? Not a lot if our recent experience at the amphitheatre was like!

Cold, damp and miserable even in July! Mr and Mrs Pieman went to the recent outdoor screening of the movie Gladiator in Britain’s largest Amphitheatre.

Obviously being outdoor novices we left umbrella, full waterproofs in the car and got truly soaked to the skin.

Saving grace of the night though was the setting, the filmgoers in period costume, a marriage proposal and the unprompted cheers towards the end of the film when Commodus gets his comeuppance.

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