Saturday, 14 May 2011


H.E. Coward of Frodsham: Butcher, Baker & Patisserie. Recently informed to check out this meat based emporium the Pieman made a trip to Frodsham to sample the wares of this well established practioner of the Pie making art.

What a gem with both savoury and sweet versions a plenty to entice our taste buds. As this was our first visit we settled on Sausage Roll (8.5), Steak Pie(8.0) and Pork Pie(8.5) for starters. Handmade, fresh, with good pastry and excellent gravy in the Steak pie this was well worth the visit in the rain.

We shall be making more trips to sample Sue Cowards excellent pastry delights where they also produce personalised pies.
They can be found at 68a Main Street, Frodsham, Cheshire. WA6 7AU. Tel: 01928 733233.

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