Sunday, 9 January 2011

In a Big Shirt

Trying to get to the car park in Liverpool last night and a sea of Plaid/Check approaches up the road with a definite highland twang in the air. The red half of Liverpool needs cheering up. Is it a fancy dress party to raise spirits, a Lumberjack convention noooo Big Country are in town.

With Mike Peters (The Alarm) taking the place of the sadly missed Stuart Adamson the band arrived at the O2 Academy in Liverpool and rocked the place. Utilising the larger room at the Academy, from the first song the enthuastic crowd were jumping, jigging and singing. 

The pace was fairly relentless as the band ripped through the essential songs of their back catalogue. Most of which the Pieman was familiar with apart from a few (Love Porrohman) which were excellent and will lead to a re-investiagtion of their extensive repertoire.

1000 Stars, Harvest Home, Driving To Damascus, The Teacher, Just A Shadow, Look Away, Porrohman, Inwards, East Of Eden, Steeltown, The Storm, Wonderland, Fields Of Fire, Lost Patrol, Chance, Restless Natives, In A Big Country are some of the songs if not all that I think they played.

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The Pieman and Georgio Dragonslayer even made it in time for the support provided by Thunderclap Newman!They have some more dates planned for later in the year so if you get the chance I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

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