Monday, 11 October 2010

Spa Part 2

After leaving Spa we headed back to Brussels and swiftly got a taxi into town. We headed for the Grand Place which has more waffle, chocolate and kebab emporiums that the Pieman has eaten Pies. An excellent evening was had with a light show on the Grand Place to finish followed by the fastest taxi ride ever, back to Hotel....for no apparent reason!

Race day dawned again with a blue sky and again the rain clouds appeared as we headed to Spa. At the track we headed straight to Pouhon complex as the crowds are a lot bigger to claim a spot. The rain comes down, the sun comes out, the wind begins to blow changing all the time. We find ourselves surrounded by beer swilling dutchies and settle in for the next few hours before the race starts.

Whilst the support race take place including GP2 and the Porsche supercup. The race is preceded by the parade of drivers but not on the back of a truck this time but individual sports cars for each driver. This is then followed by the biggest cheer of the day as the parade is followed by one of the support vehicles the dump truck. Yes the effluent man has joined the parade!

An explosion of sound signals the start of the race and we hear 24 thunderous engines at the limit roar up Eau Rouge and onto Les Combes before turning and dropping down hill to us. Lewis leads oh happy days. It's hard at times keeping up with what's happening but the result is excellent a win for Lewis and big disappointment for Jenson through no fault of his own.

After the race we have our own race to get back to the coach in time and take a short cut through the forest along with several thousand others. The journey back to Brussels is a bit of a nightmare and takes nearly four hours. Food and sustenance is immediately required and we head off for a strange Turkish experience!!

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