Monday, 5 April 2010

Seagulls of Rhyl Beware

Wanted,  Not Wanted
For Easter Monday we headed along the A55 out to Rhyl. We started out by going for a ride on the oldest miniature railway in Britain. It wasn't very busy as we were the only passengers! From here we parked up and headed to the front/beach to stretch our legs before searching for Pie.

We headed through the town via the charity shops and the men with birds of prey? After stopping for a bite to eat we headed back along the prom via a couple of arcades. 

We had hoped to visit Cousin Gilly (and husband Chris) and or Auntie Margaret (and husband Joe). Instead we saw all of them with Phillip and Grandaughter Liv as well, all together in Joe & Margaret's new apartment not more than 50 yards from where we had parked! We didn't know their new address and after driving around Rhyl our directions brought us back to where we had parked!!

It was great to see everyone and get to the bottom of the men with birds of Prey? Recently a new initiative has been sponsored by the Town Council to frighten some of the seriously dangerous gulls who have become more than your average scavengers. 

Several scarry incidents with small dogs, children and adults being attacked has led to drastic action. The patrols have led to the seagulls fighting back by depositing themselves on the hawkers vehicles as they now recognise them!! 

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