Friday, 26 March 2010

Stokes of Ellesmere

The Pieman and Pink Princess headed off to Chirk and its Castle today for a walk around the house and gardens. Whilst wandering around the rooms we came across a display of medieval food which included Pie! Excellent our kind of history.

Better still the real thing was too be found in the small but inviting Farm shop with new pies to the Pie Tribe from the company Stokes of Ellesmere

Having just scoffed an ice cream we resisted temptation and bought a Ellesmere pork Pie to share. The Pink Princess was not too impressed. The pastry was  a bit dry, no jelly, but the meat was tasty  and quite peppery.

The Pink Princess was even less impressed by the sight of one the many strutting Cock Pheasants around the estate with his beautiful plumage in fine condition rather contemptuously dismissed as a " Fat Noisy Chicken". 

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