Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shout To The Top

The Pieman travelled to Venue Cymru in Llandudno last night in the company of Georgio Dragonslayer, Cliff Chough and the Ashman to see the indomitable Mr Paul Weller live.

He was absolutely brilliant starting with an energising version of Peacock Suit, he led us along a swirling roller coaster of a ride through a kaleidoscope of sounds to a rip roaring conclusion leaving you wanting more more more and planning your next Paul Weller gig.

The Modfather and band (Steve Craddock et al) produced a performance tinged with rock, pop, soul, Rhythmn & Blues, reggae, folk, funk, psychedelia, ska, jazz, beat, punk and swing!!

Not one to waste time on lots of chat he ripped through a varied selection from the Jam, Style Council and solo era’s. Obviously a there was a large number of Fred Perry and Ben Sherman shirts giving it full thrutch at the sound of a Strange Town or Start!

A number of the songs were played from the latest album 22 Dreams some of which were all the better for hearing them live and the Pieman particularly recommends Seaspray, All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You), and Push It Along.

A rendition of Town called Malice or That’s Entertainment would have been the jelly in the pork pie but there was more than enough to satisfy this Pie muncher.

The standout rendition for me was Wild Wood performed during a sit-down, front of stage, acoustic portion of the set. Mr Weller accompanied by bassist Andy Lewis on the cello, Steve Craddock on Guitar and drummer, Steve Pilgrim on acoustic guitar.

The feature of this was the sharing of vocals with Mr Pilgrim and Mr Craddock’s sublime evocative and ethereal guitar in the background. I’ve always liked the original album version but this was even better, surely the sign of a great gig. That and the sweaty Fred Perry/Ben Sherman tops!

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