Saturday, 10 October 2009

French Pie Found

In recent times our search for pies in France has been pretty poor. However this time we were much further south in the Allier on the northern edge of the Auvergne region and one of it's specialities is the delicious Pâté Aux Pommes De Terre.

Within the pastry you find thinly sliced and layered potatoes with a delicious crème fraîche/herb /onion sauce all the way through. No meat but any pie is better than none. You can obtain smaller ones on a daily basis from your local patisserie. The following is recipe for the Limousin version which adds Fatty Bacon The potatoes combined with the sour crème fraîche make this brilliant as a snack or a main course. None was ever left!!

We have previously enjoyed a personalised version in a restaurant near to St Priest en Murat. Nanny Pie arranged prior to our booking to have our names added (In Pastry) to a Gargantuan version of this pie which would have fed 20 or more. So much so we took it home and returned the large two handled dish a few days late when we'd ate it all.

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