Saturday, 5 September 2009

Le Grand Coudrais

This year the Pie tribe headed for the Auvergne region of France and the Allier Department. We rented a Gite fairly close to where Nanny Pie used to live. Half of us travelled by car and the other half flew by plane to Limoges.

The Gite was roomy enough and there was a swimming pool to use, happy days. As with Le Souci the we were surrounded by small fields, cows and silence.

Lots of favourite markets, places and friends were visited. We enjoyed walking, talking, fishing, canoeing, horse riding, eating, drinking, bird watching, snake catching, swimming, laughing, railway cycling, chilling, reading, boules, cards, games, travelling, star watching, cat stroking, gift buying, cake eating, boating, giggling, sun bathing, laughing, relaxing, sleeping, wandering, listening to silence, pear eating, pie munching ............................................

The weather apart from the first day was fantastic with wall to wall blue skies and ever increasing temperatues hitting 41 C in the second week. Below is the Gite early in the morning with Tumbleweed, one of the Le Coudrais cats to the foreground.

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