Saturday, 4 July 2009

West Ryder Lunatic Asylum

On their final gig prior to their Glastonbury Pyrimid stage appearance Kasabian played the Mountford Hall at Liverpool University on Thursday 25th June which The Pieman was fortunate to attend, along with Georgio Dragonslayer, Dirk Swamp and The Ashman.

It was cramped, sweaty, very loud, beer stained and absolutely brilliant!! Georgio and the Ashman nearly caused a ruckus at the bar and Dirk Swamp we lost to the Mosh Pit for the first half of the gig.

Venue was ok, easy to find and parking good. Only downside was the queues' for liquid refreshment which on such a close hot night were very long.

Excellent gig with the band ripping through a selection of tunes from all three albums and finishing with LSF, most excellent. Support was provided by The Hours.

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