Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Pies 1, Everton 0 & Chelski 0

The Dragonslayer and the Pieman headed to Goodison Park for the match against Chelski on monday night.

The Chelski team were a sight to watch with Deco, Ballack, Lampard, Cole et al in action. Passing, Poise, Probing and Pace in abundance with a multitude of skills and talent at their disposal.

If I was a Chelski fan though I would hang my head in shame. Big Phil has complained in the media today that the referee was too afraid of the crowd to make the right decision (in his eyes).

If a fan touches one blade of grass he is arrested on the spot, frog marched from the ground and charged. Meanwhile on the pitch an overpaid self important shameless "star" can harass, swear, bicker, scream, gesticulate and shout en masse against a referee usually without interuption.

Chelski are the worst offenders crowding the referee actively seeking opportunities to get fellow professionals booked or sent off and then squealing like little pigs when decisions go against them. There may be reasons why they behave like this but no excuses, their tactics last night deserved defeat at best and a draw at worst.

Any way onto the important news a new Pie found and tasted. A Balti pie was acquired under the Park Stand before kick off. A little overpriced but this is to be expected.

Tasty with a bit of a spicy kick but not "Bite Your Bottom" hot a welcome respite in the cold weather and empty stomach. We believe it to be a Pukka Pie but wait to be corrected if not.

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