Friday, 30 May 2008

Loose Kites Debut Album

The self titled debut album of the Loose Kites is out and being played a lot by the Pie Tribe. It consists of the four tracks from their ep and 7 other tracks. the full track listing is

THE LOOSE KITES - the loose kites: 1 radiation vibe2 roo ba bah3 love the one your with4 in the blood5 the ballad of bianca owen6 high maintenance7 last orders8 devil's in the detail9 revelation10 dirty rascal11 shoot me

Some of the original tracks have been either remixed, re-recorded or added to with some overdubs including a nice bit of brass (In The Blood). All the tracks are written by the band except "Love The One Your With" a Stephen Stills song.

Apart from the original four tracks the Piemans early favourites are "the Ballad of Bianca owen, Last Orders & Dirty Rascal".

If you haven't experienced the Loose Kites yet listen to some top tunes and view an excellent video for Radiation Vibe at their MySpace site by clicking this link Loose Kites.

Also check out the list of their forthcoming gigs and get yourself along for a toe tapping, hip shaking, soul searchin, mind blowin, harmonising heaven of an experience and a rollicking good time to boot !!!

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