Monday, 24 March 2008


Mr & Mrs Pieman had an outing together to see Clannad in concert at the Philharmonic in Liverpool. Although a bit of a dash we made it just in time to take our seats not knowing there was a support the ethereal Sephira also from Ireland. There were ok, not brilliant.

Unfortunately the Pieman's ears are causing problems and appreciation of fine music or bad music for that matter is quite difficult at the moment. This may be due to a distinct lack of Pie in the Pieman's diet of recent weeks however medical opinion currently disagrees.

The highlight of the evening though was seeing friends Colin and Gilly who had also travelled to see the celtic folkies in action. The Philharmonic was excellent as ever and is becoming a definite favourite venue. Clannad were at the end of a short UK tour and played for nearly two hours with a mix of well known stuff and not so known. Excellent 10 strong band with everybody contributing two more ways either vocally or instrumentally.

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