Sunday, 6 January 2008

Ups and Downs Of Shed Life

Saturday presented us with an opportunity to visit our good friends in Madeley, Stafordshire who as you can see live in a shed in need of repair.

An excellent time was spent catching up on news, exchanging presents, laughing with Mark & Judith Shed not forgetting Thomas, Samuel and Matthew Shed. Pleased to see Judith shed is making good progress after pre christmas surgery and hopefully will be back to fine form asap.

That was the good and the bad was the the afternoon spent at the stadium of incredulity as the mighty Everton succumbed to the the dogged resistance of 1st Division Oldham Athletic in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. A perfect day spoilt by one piece of skill the like of which nobody from Oldham will see for a long time. As we arrived the omens were not good. The match kick off had been delayed for 1/2 an hour as Goodison Park Road was closed for fire engines to attend an on fire Chip shop.

The game itself was frustrating to say the least with Everton battering Oldham but with little effect. The Yak was brought on towards the end but it wasn't to be. Frustrations boiled over at the end of the match with scuffles between Everton fans. You can tell how bad it was when that starts happening.

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