Wednesday, 29 August 2007

French Pie Search

The Pie Tribe have been away searching for new pies this time in France. A country renowned for its pastries, chocolates, snails, horses, donkeys, mussels and general all round cooking skills, it is still sad to report that it is a veritable desert when it comes to pies.

Our searches took us to stay near Rouen. From where, by train we made our way to Paris. The female contingent of the tribe were determined to sample the fashion shopping delights whilst the Pieman was thorough in his quest for meat filled pastry.

Occasional stops for buildings and places of interest sidetracked us (Please see photograph) but we were unsuccessful.

A brief trip into Belgium was even fitted in but to no avail. That is it until we reached Boulogne where a concoction consisting of Ham, Pistachio, Jelly and Pastry was located. Interesting and edible but not one to set the world on fire, the quest continues.

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