Thursday, 7 June 2007

Porg In A Pie???

Many thanks for this delightful and interesting sign found on a recent trip to Bath & Longleat by the Dragonslayer and family. What a curious filling for a pie?

A quick trip to wikipedia confirms the pictures story and reveals a bit more about Sir Jeffery Hudson.

"On his 7th birthday, in 1626 Jeffrey Hudson was presented to the Duchess of Buckingham as a "rarity of nature" and she invited him to join the household. A few months later the Duke and Duchess entertained King Charles and his young French wife, Queen Henrietta Maria in London.

The climax of the lavish banquet was the presentation of Jeffrey to the Queen, served in a large pie. When the pie was placed in front of the Queen, Jeffrey arose from the crust, 18 inches tall and perhaps dressed in a miniature suit of armour. The Queen was delighted and the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham offered Hudson to her as an amusing gift." For the expanded story of his life click here.

What's the most Curious Pie filling you have come across?

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