Tuesday, 10 April 2007

On The Rocks

A great day was had by the extended Pie Tribe this easter weekend. We arranged to visit the bench placed in memory of Grandad "D" on the Rocky Coast path between North Stack Lighthouse and the Breakwater in Holyhead.

The A55 was relatively speaking, not too bad and the weather was glorious . Our cars and passengers convened for a picnic at the nearby country park.

Due to feeling rather ill a Pie was needed for it's recuperative powers. This was duly procurred from the local Netto and at 49p a relative bargain. Alas you get what you pay for and this was absolutely dreadful. Avoid at your peril a Tindale & Stanton Steak & Kidney Pie it was truly awful experience.

We had a report of damage to Grandad "D's" bench but on arrival someone had beaten us to repairs. After an enjoyable walk the day was finished of with a stop at Llandudno for a stroll and Fish/Chip supper in restaurant.

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